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The Daily Echo: My favorite title of all is “Father”…… June 19, 2016

June 19, 2016

As I sit and reflect on this wonderful day, Father’s Day 2016….I can’t help but see my father before me, along with my journey as a father, and now looking at my son as a father. Today’s video is a very special video to me. The first time I saw this video I identified with every part of it. I get emotional every time I watch this young father take on each day with one goal in mind…..Take care of your family…You see all I ever wanted to be in life was a Husband and Father. It seems like yesterday that I was blessed with my first child… How time has flied almost 27 years later… I wouldn’t trade any of those days. Now that my fatherhood has taken me into grand fatherhood it’s only gets better. How fortunate I am to have had the example of a father who lived by every word of this video. How blessed I have been to have married an angel who’s patience is shown everyday with me. How thankful I am for my 5 children who have taught me continually since the days they were born. And finally how thankful I am for a Heavenly Father that has given me a very brief glimpse into what he experiences everyday. I can think of no greater title in this life…… What a blessing it is to be a father. Happy Fathers day to my Dad who is the “worlds greatest Dad”, and now my son who I know would sacrifice all he has for his precious wife and little angel girl Linnea. Happy Father’s Day to every father out there who has taken that title and magnified it. For those of you who have not, there is still time to make a difference. Take the time before it’s too late to reconcile any differences you may have had with your children. They love you and want above all else….Dad back in their lives…

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