The Daily Echo: Never Quit…. July 25, 2017

July 25, 2017

How often have you heard that???? I think anyone involved in sports growing up must have heard a coach over and over again chime in with those words. As I have aged I have come to realize that when quitting becomes easy I really DON’T want it bad enough. Understands IF you continue to FAIL at one part of your life you must realize you need to re-evaluate HOW BAD YOU WANT TO CHANGE… Ever week I have someone sitting in my office with a desire to lose weight. If they are not filled with the PAIN of their current condition THEY will odds on NOT lose that weight. The PAIN of our current condition must be high enough to allow us in the moment of struggle to continue on. It is hard to admit WHY we continue to miss the GOAL or the mark we set every year. It is so much easier to blame something other than ourselves for ending up in the same place year after year. The work DECIDE if we look at it’s origin means to “cut off” meaning once we truly DECIDE we have “burned the ships” and there is no retreat. As you approach this week, month, and year ask those really tough questions only you can answer. Find out why it is you are not progressing with those Goals in life you keep making year after year.

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