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The Daily Echo: No EXCUSES a lesson from my brother Grant…. April 20, 2016

April 20, 2016

I have been blessed to have role models around me since the day I was born. Today I celebrate and remember my big brother Grant. Grant would have been 55 today…… He like another brother was taken way too soon. I was going to release Grant’s Echo Hall of Fame today but it’s still not done. I thought it fitting however to play today’s clip because this is one of the many lessons I learned watching Grant. Anyone blessed to know Grant knew he never, never, never made excuses. He taught us all that when we don’t accomplish what we are capable we need only to look in the mirror to see why we didn’t achieve what we set out to do. Many times that just meant continuing to get up over and over again. Watch today’s echo and stop making excuses.Miss you Grant and sure love you. And thanks….

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