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The Daily Echo: Refueling with Robin Sharma. January 22, 2019

January 22, 2019

I want you to think about your car/truck/suv for a minute. How far will you continue to drive without refueling?

What about your body? How much energy will you continue to have without food/water?

The answer is obvious. We can’t drive that vehicle anymore without fuel in it…. We can’t continue to operate our bodies once the energy reserves have been used up.

Now we can talk about the type of fuel we use…. In our car designed to use unleaded, what would happen if by accident we put diesel in it?????

What about our bodies when we CHOOSE to feed ourselves bad foods, drinks, or drugs?

Now as you think about these scenarios with regard to your mind????

How do you REFUEL your mind? Do you let society do that for you? Are you just a spectator day in and day out and listen to the radio,TV, gossip at the water cooler, and the list goes on and on?

You must decide what you are going to refuel your mind with. This is a Choice you make daily whether you believe it or not. You decide to sit down after work and read something that can benefit your life, your families life, your work life……OR you can watch netflix until you fall asleep. You can CHOOSE to put an audio book on as you drive that 15 minute drive each way and each day back and forth to work.

On today’s echo Robin shares some great ideas on how to refuel your life. Listen up and begin to implement.

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