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The Daily Echo: Remembering The “G”… Grant Lane: April 20, 2023

April 20, 2023
A few years I made this video. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since Grant graduated this life. I am one of the lucky ones. Just hours ago I felt his presence in my life. I have had many moments of his guidance and love since he left us. Below is the caption I wrote for him.

Another inductee into The Echo Hall of Fame…. Another Hero of mine. My older Brother Grant passed on to bigger and better things February 18, 2011. Not even 50 years of age he accomplished more in his time than most could do in many life times. On today’s echo I try to depict the unconditional love of a Husband, Father, Pa (Grandfather), Son, Brother, Uncle, and friend. Anyone who knew Grant knew he was bigger than life. Yes literally he was a “Beast”… He could bench press a house, always sported a “six pack”, and by merely “staring you down” could cause instant fear to come over you…..But as big, strong, and tough as he was on the outside, he was gentle, loving, compassionate, kind, and forever charitable on the inside. Tears flowed easily from Grant. You might think real men don’t cry…. Well Grant was about the biggest man I knew. His heart was soft, tender, Christlike, and he was never afraid to show his emotions. Grant is missed by so many every day. With Grant by your side you alwasy knew you were protected. Not only by his mere physical size but because his empathy and compassion reached out to make sure you were O.K. I was the recipeint many times of late night calls where he had to check on his younger brother. He had a way of humbling you when you were a bit more cocky than you should be, and would be right there if you fell to pick you up and carry you back to safety. His grandchildren called him “Pa” and if you watch this video you will see….They were his achilles heel, his gold, his everything… How much Grant loved children. A special smile came across his face when he had the chance to spend tiime with children. At family gatherings many times Grant was not at the adult table. He had wondered off and was laughing, wrestling, and spoiling the children. And Lauri…..Well let’s just say Lauri was Grant’s Buttercup of “Princess Bride”… In fact occassionally I heard Grant say “As you wish”. I have had many close spiritual experices with Grant since he has passed. I have felt his influence in my own life. I have felt his love and pride in G-mo, Heidi, Darryn, and VER…. How proud he is of the way his children are living their lives. In tribute to this great man I can only hope this short video captures Grant in a way that will show his true colors. I finish the video with one of my all time favorites of Grant. That final picure embodies this “larger than life” man I am blessed to call my brother. Sure love him and can’t wait to see him again.

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