The Daily Echo: Resolutions vs Goals – Wanna vs Gonna

December 29, 2014

The Daily Echo: Resolutions vs Goals-Wanna vs Gonna. from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Watch today’s episode. Today I discuss Resolutions vs Goals. I liken the comparison to Wanna vs Gonna. I think we sometimes get excited about things we want in life instead of preparing to go out and accomplish those things we want to. We can get caught up in an escape and fantasy mindset when having resolutions. When we seriously decide what we want and find out why we don’t have it now. We then must plan and prepare. Goals setting is not merely wanting something and writing it on a piece of paper. It involves knowing what you want and then planning a course to get it. So the next time you get discouraged over not achieving last years resolution realize why you didn’t. Take time to set Goals with a real plan of action and you will be amazed this time next year at what you have accomplished.

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