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The Daily Echo: Response-able, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

The power of words can change lives. I recall listening to Dr. Stephen Covey years ago as he broke down the word responsible into the words response-able. At that moment I realized how the very meaning of words helps to change our behavior if we will allow it. In today’s video I talk about the choices we all have daily. Are we reacting (like animals) or responding to the stimulus in our lives. Viktor Frankle taught us that between stimulus and response there is a choice. In that space we by all means determine the lives we are now living and what are future will be. We must always remember we always have a choice. As you go about this week pause and take a few seconds between the stimulus in your live and evaluate the choice you are about to make. It is very difficult but it will prove great dividends if you take that time.

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