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The Daily Echo: Scaling Pushups the CORRECT way…. August 20, 2016

August 20, 2016

Great video today from K-Star aka Kelly Starrett….. I can’t believe how many times pushups are done so badly it makes my stomach cringe….. The worst part is having your child told by the PE teacher or coach he/she is doing them wrong. When in reality he/she is the only one doing them right. The pushup is a functional movement for many activities we do in life. The minute we begin to get those elbows out and wide we are creating a fundamental BAD bio-mechanical load on the shoulder’s, elbow, wrist and more…. You can take my word for it or crank out thousands of them and begin to feel the effects of poor mechanics.. In today’s episode Kelly and his daughter talk and demonstrate how we can help children and those who don’t have the strength begin to learn and develop a proper pushup. On the cover picture I have a contraption we have built at home that hangs from a push up bar using band(s), chain and the versatile “sling shot” to stabilize the midline to remain ridged and braced while the person increases strength. Bands can be lessened over time until wha La “The Perfect Pushup” has been performed. Take a look at today’s episode and then have your children show you how they are doing it….

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