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The Daily Echo: Scroll 9 I will Act NOW!!!! April 13, 2019

April 13, 2019

How many things are you thinking about or are on your ToDo List???????? If you adapted this simple scroll you might be amazed at how much you would get done. Procrastination is part of all our lives. For some it is their motto for life. While others you barely notice. On today’s Scroll broken down by Dave think about ways you can adapt the mantra “I will Act Now”…… Try it with a simple task???? The phone that rings and you see who is calling… You might not want to pick it up now because you don’t want to deal with what you think you will need to deal with.. Then you wait for the voice message. You might listen to the message instantly or wait while your brain is occupied wondering what they wanted? If you finally listen you then begin to spend time on this topic and how you are going to deal with it. You might address it NOW which will save you a few days of stress that might not even be stress but you will let the mind stir it up.

If you just answered the phone and dealt with it then IT’s over or at least it’s being addressed. This is one simple thing in our life we procrastinate and it causes far more effort to WAIT than to just ACT NOW…

Recommit to studying Og Mandino’s Ten Scrolls! Start by understanding the secrets behind each of the scrolls. Join us on a journey to find the keys that will unlock each scroll and start you on a path to a more productive and prosperous year ahead. Dave Blanchard, CEO of the Og Mandino Group, covers some of the greatest secrets behind the scrolls, with knowledge passed down from Og Mandino himself. With a new scroll each day, Dave will take you behind the scenes to make your study richer and more powerful.

Og Mandino’s Scroll IX: I will act now! Procrastination is borne of fear. But what is the solution to fear? Action!

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