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The Daily Echo: Stop Pretending!!!!! October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

Many people live in a fantasy world. If you don’t believe me just look around and “WATCH” what others are doing. Powering up in that “video game”….. Total emersion in that sit-com….. Wasting hours and hours thinking about that LOTTO win!!! That is just the beginning… Many others like…

Reality TV is far from real and Facebook timelines are not the full story It’s time to stop pretending And when I say stop pretending I’m not calling you a fake, a fraud a phony. What I’m saying is many of us are living lives Participating in things that are not truly who we are Many of us are operating from a place of 80, 70, 60 even 30% of our potential it’s time to stop pretending. Stop pretending like we can’t do more with the time that we have.

Stop pretending like the people around us Truly and deeply support us Many of us are hanging around people who are dragging us down Who Disable us from living the largest and best life We possibly can we’re hanging around people who shrink us Who just want to talk about small things other people and not ideas ways to move forward Ways to grow, ways to build a business, ways to build a career, ways to become a better student.

A better athlete, a better professional, a better partner, a better person, a better citizen, a better global citizen. it’s time to stop pretending like we’re doing our best When we know we’re not it’s time to stop pretending like we’re showing up and giving everything we can when we know We’re not and it’s time to stop pretending like we have all the time in the world Marcus Aurelius said “that most people live life like they have a thousand years to live.

” Some of us are putting off our goals and our dreams like we’ll live to a thousand We have 90 solid years to make whatever it is happen that we want to happen And then it’s someone else’s turn and then we’re moving on to the next chapter the next stage one door will close and Another one will open I’m sure but it’s time to stop pretending like time Isn’t the most important thing we have Like who we are is Is our legacy.

And it’s time to stop pretending that you can’t Do it And I’m not saying you can do anything that you can become a pro basketball player at 30 or 40 It’s time to stop pretending like you’re satisfied With who you are what you have and where you’re at like you’re complacent content Stop pretending get uncomfortable move forward then move again. It’s time to stop pretending!

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