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The Daily Echo: Success is YOUR Journey, NOT your destination…… October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016

How do YOU define SUCCESS????? Hmmm…. Do you define success by having MORE than others???? Do you define success by comparing to others??? OR can you shift your focus to SUCCESS as What YOU ARE BECOMING…… Can you STOP everything right now and become HAPPY right NOW…… No I mean RIGHT now can you feel successful?? Can you be thankful you are blessed beyond measure. Can you get excited about the potential you have and what you can create???? Maybe instead of starting your day COMPARING your “success” with others “SUCCESS” you should simplify it a bit more. Start your day with being thankful for what you have…….Thankful of the opportunities you have TODAY because of all the gifts you have been blessed with. You must start to play the game of life and set yourself up to be able to be happy NOW…. Make the rules simple, Make the rules you have decided, to allow you to WIN NOW….. It’s o.k. to be happy and thankful even if you haven’t earned x amount of money….It’s o.k. to be happy and thankful even if you haven’t lost all weight you planned on….One of the great lessons we can learn from others is the JOY IS IN THE JOURNEY….It always has been…Somehow we have been deceived that it’s at the destination…It’s not….Be Happy and Love Life Today…It’s all any of us have…

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