The Daily Echo: The Christ Child…A Nativity Story: December 25, 2022

December 25, 2022

This new depiction of the Nativity story recounts in beautiful detail the sacred events found in the Bible about Jesus’s birth over 2,000 years ago. Visit to learn more about the significance of this special first Christmas. Journey with Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Witness the awe of the shepherds in the plains of Judea. Feel the joy of the wise men as they kneel before the Light of the World – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. THE CHRIST CHILD: BEHIND THE SCENES Go behind the scenes of “The Christ Child.” This 17-minute special explores the history, artistry, and scriptural insights that went into producing the stunning 2019 short film about the birth of Jesus Christ. Watch here:    • The Christ Child:…  #LightTheWorld: Since 2016, #LightTheWorld has grown into a global initiative each Christmas with millions of participants. Throughout the Christmas season, Individuals perform acts of service and kindness to demonstrate Jesus’s love one by one. Want to join in? Go to for daily service challenges, prompts, resources, and more. Follow us on social media: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter –

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