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The Daily Echo: “The Deadly Comparison Game” November 18, 2017

November 19, 2017

Win/Lose, Compare/Compete, ME…. These “emotional cancer’s” are alive and well in most of us. We define our Value and worth by looking around to see if we are “Winning” the game of life. How is the score tabulated? The cars we drive, homes we live in, and all the things in life that count as victories or validation. Most who play this game find that winning is often temporary and devoid of true happiness. We can always look around and find someone with more things. If we keep score that way we often find ourselves upset, resentful, and ungrateful. We sometimes will find ways to anesthetize that pain. Some will use alcohol, drugs, or just hide. What we fail to realize is the pain inflicted upon those who love us the most. My Keynote speech at the Live Passion Driven Conference is my own personal story. It was painful to share and much more painful to experience. I hope by sharing my story it can help someone realize the path of Win/Lose, Compare/Compete, ME leads only to unhappiness and disappointment. As we begin to acknowledge these unhealthy habits of thinking, we then, can begin to change.

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