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The Daily Echo: The Hero in YOU!!!!! August 4, 2016

August 4, 2016

Remember the times you were Batman, Spiderman, or maybe you girls where Wonder Woman or some other “SuperHero”…As we grow out of childhood our minds get shaped by the world that says, “NO YOU CAN”T”…. We stop dreaming because no one is a HERO…. That’s just in the movies or the comics…. Yesterday we talked about the mind and how WE allow our thoughts to “JAIL” our progress….For some reason we don’t realize we control the thoughts we decide to think…. Ed Foreman taught me long ago…..Thoughts lead to Action which leads to Habits which leads to Character………. IT all begins with what you DECIDE To THINK…. Begin today to dream again about being that HERO YOU WERE BORN TO BE…..

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