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The Daily Echo: The Importance of Sticking to your new habits with James Clear: August 25, 2023

August 25, 2023

🔥 Join my DeFi Academy: 🍿 Watch the Full Interview with James Clear on London Real only at:… 2022 SUMMIT TICKETS: FREE FULL EPISODES: SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: James Clear is a writer, entrepreneur, speaker and New York Times best-selling author. He has spent years educating millions of readers on the importance of habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. He is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies, and his work is used in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. His new book, ‘Atomic Habits’, details his system of building good habits and breaking bad ones, showing how small changes can have a transformative effect in every aspect of your life. Watch the FULL EPISODE here: JAMES CLEAR Website: Instagram: Twitter: About London Real: Founded by Brian Rose in 2011. London Real is the curator of people worth watching. Our mission is to promote personal transformation through inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment. We feature interesting guests with fascinating stories and unique perspectives on life. We aim to take viewers on a journey through the lives of others and ultimately inspire them to embark on one of their own. Don’t miss our weekly episodes, hit subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:…#LondonReal#LondonRealTV DISCLAIMER: Content on this channel references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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