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The Daily Echo: The Key To Success…..GET UP EARLY!!!! August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016

What ONE thing can you begin NOW that will multiply your success 100 fold????? GET UP EARLY….. Yes you heard me. Get up Early. In today’s echo Robin Sharma gives you a game plan on how to get up early and enjoy it. As I have scoured success literature over the years I have come to realize that nearly ALL successful people GET UP EARLY…. As Stephen Covey said it is the “Private Victory” you start the day with that will allow you to have “Public Victories” later. You begin the day and keep that promise to yourself to get up early and you will realize how that begins a chain of events that allows you to keep more and more promises to yourself and others. In my life I attribute my 5 am wakeup daily as one of the biggest reasons I accomplish things. Now it will take some time to adjust…But, remember the 21 day rule….21 days and it will be a habit. You will get programmed. The first week will be a struggle but you will feel so much better about your day and then your life. Watch today’s echo and get some hints from Robin..

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