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The Daily Echo: The Million Dollar Run Strength Hack: February 3, 2024

February 3, 2024

ERIC ORTON GLOBAL RUN ACADEMY: Eric discusses the importance of foot strength for runners. —- Join Coach Eric Orton, author of BORN TO RUN 2 and THE COOL IMPOSSIBLE, as he discusses run training, performing, and all things running. —- Eric is the former Director of Fitness at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, World renown Ultra Running/Marathon coach, international author/speaker, and has operated his online coaching business for the last 25 years. ——————————– Run Natural In Xero Shoes (Partner/Affiliate Links): USA EU Born To Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide Eric’s Personal Online Run Coaching, Camps, Run Form Consulting, and Training Plans: Eric’s book, The Cool Impossible:…

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