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The Daily Echo: The Obstacle is the Way… February 25, 2019

February 25, 2019

Starting the week off with a very important mindset…. YES mindset. How often do we retreat when the road in front of us has a major challenge? In Ryan Holiday’s book “The Obstacle is the Way” he shares 3 major ideas on why it’s not only vital but essential that we embrace those obstacles.

Stephen Covey taught us years ago about the Circle of Influence and the Circle of Concern. There are things we have NO CONTROL over and there are things we DO. When we STOP spending useless time worrying about those things we cannot control and turn our attention to what we can our lives will grow exponentially. Many Many times what we want lies beyond those obstacles and the reason we continue to not get there……IS because we fail to realize the obstacle is the way… We must go through that challenge. Strangely enough once we do we realize it wasn’t that hard after all.

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