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The Daily Echo: The Onewheel at Imperial Beach with Dallin & Anika…. January 14, 2017

January 14, 2017

The Daily Echo: Onewheel at Imperial Beach with Dallin & Anika…. January 14, 2017 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Today’s Echo is live from Imperial Beach California. I am always advocating on “The Echo” to schedule time for FUN. In our quest to conquer the world we sacrifice opportunities and moments along the way that make the journey worth it to begin with. I have always made sure to take the time to have “FUN” on this journey. Heck sometimes the very event I schedule in the future keeps me working harder to get to that event. This weekend Dallin, Anika and I headed out to Imperial Beach California for our annual “snow boarding” trip. However since we discovered the Onewheel there may not be anymore “snowboarding” trips. The Onewheel is featured today as we carve up the beaches of Southern California. As you will see the incredible beauty that surrounds us as we roam the beaches and streets having a blast on our Onewheel. Future Motion may have produced the single greatest ride out there. To put it simply….”The Onewheel is Sweet”. We stayed at Marriott’s signature hotel “Pier South” which sits right on the beach. A perfect location to grab the boards, hit the sand, charge the boards, hit the sand and so on. Today is just one example in my life of “joy in the journey” You gotta make time to have fun. I guarantee I won’t be on my death bed wishing I had spent more time at the office. I will be thankful for weekends like this. Spending time with those you love doing things you enjoy. Thanks Dallin and Anika for an epic weekend. Oh yah and thanks Future Motion for the Onewheel.

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