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The Daily Echo: The Pledge of Martin Treptow….. February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

Take 3 minutes and watch today’s special episode. Who was Martin Treptow? Why do we need more men and women like this great man? Martin Treptow is an example of why America became the country of liberty and freedom. His courage and his resolve are needed more today than ever. Can each of us become determined like Martin? I am humbled by the great men and women who wake up everyday with his resolve. We can all do more to reverence them and this great land we live in. Being an American used to mean something. It used to muster up emotion and pride for the hard work, courage, and resolve to keep it great. I fear in the America I live in today lacks the pride and reverence so deserving of those that gave all so we have so much.

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