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The Daily Echo: The REAL Reason ESPN fired Jason Whitlock: November 15, 2022

November 15, 2022

My forced departure from ESPN represents the growing widespread rejection of masculinity in modern sports media. This new wave of feminization is plaguing our culture and ruining any attempt at discourse in our country. We want to hear from the Fearless Army!! Join the conversation in the show chat, leave a comment or email Jason at ​​Today’s Sponsors: CrowdHealth gives you a new way to pay for healthcare. Go to right now and get your first 6 months for just $99 per month by using promo code FEARLESS. Pre-Born has a passion to save unborn babies from abortion and see women come to Christ. Help rescue babies’ lives. Donate by dialing #250 and say keyword, “BABY.” That’s #250, keyword, “BABY.” OR – go to Get 10% off Blaze swag by using code Fearless10 at Make yourself an official member of the “Fearless Army!” Support Conservative Voices! Subscribe to BlazeTV at and get $10 off your yearly subscription. CLICK here to Subscribe to Jason Whitlock’s YouTube: CLICK here to Listen to Jason Whitlock’s podcast: CLICK here to Follow Jason Whitlock on Twitter:

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