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The Daily Echo: The Thief of Happiness???? April 24, 2018

April 24, 2018

This last week I was engaged in a discussion about happiness. The person I was listening to was struggling like so many. Happiness was not a part of his life. He somehow despite all the blessings he had couldn’t see happiness for himself. He talked about how he wasn’t measuring up. When he looked around he hadn’t achieved the “success” of his brothers, friends, and others he compared himself to. He ran down a list of items he had not completed or accomplished at this point in his life. He talked about the frustration of his “lack”. As I reflected on him and his life, I saw him much different. To me and so many others he was the symbol of “success”. He was good at so many things. He had a great family, was a great father, friend, and business man. But why???? Why does this thought process occur to so many. A few months back I was fortunate to share my feelings regarding this. On today’s echo I share this message again. If you struggle to find happiness you may find the information helpful.

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