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The Daily Echo: The WalkTop Treadmill Desktop… June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

The biggest preventable factor in our decay of health is are lack of activity. I have been posting video’s on how detrimental this is for all of us. We must get up. In today’s echo we highlight the The WalkTop Treadmill Desktop from Fitneff…. I personally own one of these and will soon bring you a review detailing how we use it in our home. Many of you have a treadmill at home that is just sitting there collecting dust. an easy solution for your health is to pull it out and purchased a desktop that you can use while you walk at a 1-3mph pace doing some of the work you will do anyway today. The great thing about the Fitneff WalkTop is it’s ability to adapt to many types of treadmill. On their site they give you specifics on how to measure to see if it will fit. There is no use running out to purchase an entire treadmill desk when you can use the WalkTop and begin to get healthier and move more. As far as quality stay tuned to see my in depth review… Great quality Treadmill Desk solution at a great price…

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