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The Daily Echo: Time to Fight Through IT!!!! November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015

Do you ever feel like your always going uphill carrying excess baggage? Does life continually seem to be hitting you harder and harder? Do you want to give up? Do you????? Have you ever thought about those things in life you are proud of? Those events and times that had greatest meaning to you? I would assume the things we value most in life are the things we FIGHT the hardest for….. If it’s really something you want and value you will continue to give all you have for it…… IF YOU don’t then maybe it’s not what you really want???? I love today’s clip and how it helps access if what we want is worth fighting for. Evaluate the road you are on and see FIRST if it is the right road. No reason to fight for things and waste time that do not really matter to you. Maybe they matter to the world but do they matter to you? As Stephen Covey often said, “Maybe it’s time to climb up the ladder of the jungle you are hacking your way through, to see if you are in the right jungle”. Find YOUR jungle and then FIGHT through whatever obstacles come your way….It will be worth it

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