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The Daily Echo: Time to GROW UP……. February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016

Tough words from the Echo today…… It does take courage to grow up…One of the challenges and gifts we face as a nation lies within our youth. How can it be both you say? I believe our youth have the ability to accomplish more than any other generation. The technology that is at their disposal, and their unique gifts can crush anything we have ever dreamed of. At the same time that same technology has allowed many to become lazy and dependent upon it for most everything. There is also and expectation I am seeing among the youth of doing great things without understanding the work associated with that accomplishing that thing. With MTV cribs, and other TV showing the rich and famous, our youth from a young age “expect” a life of “EASE” as Dave Blanchard puts it. They dream of giant dreams and go there in their minds without out cultivating the work needed to accomplish those dreams. When we live a life of “dreaming” without the work needed we find ourselves not “measuring” up. This reality causes many to want to “check out” of life. They become convinced something is wrong with them or they are not good enough. Nothing could be further from the truth. We all have seeds of greatness within us, but we must leave the fantasy world’s of our minds and go to work. The very act of being busy and working allow many to feel enthusiasm for life once again. The next time you feel depressed or you have just had it… Do something….Go to work, Exercise, Read a good book…. The very act of acting many times allows our brains to begin to secret those hormones that will make us feel good again.

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