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The Daily Echo: Too Many Trophies??? August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017

I remember long ago as a coach of one of my children’s basketball team. I was asked by one of the parents if I had begun the process of getting the trophies ready for the end of the year party? My response was don’t they get a trophy if they win the league? “Oh no she said we give “participation trophies”…. I guess being a newbie to the coaching world, I was unaware that trophies were given by just showing up. To say I was not a big hit with some of the parents because of my stubbornness on “participation trophies” would be very accurate. On today’s echo Chad talks about the importance of our children understanding that being given something for nothing never helps our children. I fully agree now as I did then. Now don’t get me wrong I do believe children should be encouraged positively but also understand that accomplishment is what is rewarded in life. Effort should also be given attention because we are not all Michael Jordon. Some children can work 50% and still excel over a 100% child. In my mind that 100% child should be recognized for pushing himself/herself…. But make no mistake at the end of the day life will reward the winner… Most of adults can count on one hand the amount of participation trophies we have gotten once we entered the real world. Teach our children to work as hard as they can and NEVER….NEVER…..NEVER give a trophy just because they showed up. Most of the time they showed up because you made them. They will carry that attitude into adulthood expecting just as much payment, prize, trophy, as the individual that excelled…. Even though we all know in most cases the one who excelled worked far more hours, focused more intently, sacrificed more, and eventually overcame more.

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