The Daily Echo: Transform your run with these 4 Drills: March 26, 2024

March 26, 2024

29,650 views Mar 19, 2024 #running#runningformIn the Let’s Get Tactical Series by PATH projects, we bring in the best experts in the running field to help transform your running. Lawrence Van Lingen is a running specialist from South Africa, who is gaining a lot of attention in the endurance space. He has worked with elite athletes such as Jan Frodeno and Taylor Knibb. In this video he walks us through 3 common mistakes runners make and 4 drills to optimize your running form. Learn more about Lawrence’s movement programs at Chapters: 00:00 Optimize your running form 00:36 Movement from the center out 01:24 Mistake 1: leaning too far forward 02:14 Mistake 2: over-swinging upper body 02:50 Mistake 3: head forward posture 3:24 Drill 1: The awesomizer to smooth out your running 5:19 Drill 2: The flow rope teaches you to move from the center out 6:26 Drill 3: Backwards walking the right way 7:44 Drill 4: Tire walking to give running confidence 9:20 Summary and experience a deep sense of connection and joy when you run. LINKS / TOOLS ► Website: ► Instagram:   / lawrencevanlingen   ► YouTube:    / @innerunner   ► To purchase the Flow Rope in the US: ► To purchase the Flow Rope outside of the US: MORE ABOUT PATH PROJECTS: PATH projects crafts a complete range of technical gear and apparel for modern endurance athletes. ► Website: ► Instagram:   / pathprojects   ► Strava:   / strava   Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos:

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