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The Daily Echo: True Christianity. April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015

I remember a speech my Dad shared with us boys growing up that has remained with me ever since. Since sports was always what kept us entertained we listened better when he could relate it to sports. We were a family that went to church every week. I assume some of our behavior Monday through Saturday caused him to give us the “game day speech”. He said Church is like the game day speech the coach gives you, to motivate and help you navigate decisions during the game. But then he said growing more somber but it’s not the game. You see the game is played Monday through Saturday, that’s really when your true colors come out. Sometimes people think the game is played Sunday as they attend church and look nice and dressed up. Yes church is important but how we life our lives is even more important. While viewing this little film I had to think of that wise wisdom I was given long ago. Thanks again Dad.

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