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The Daily Echo: Unnecessary Vaccinating???? July 13, 2016

July 13, 2016

when I was growing up the average amount of vaccines children got was around 4-6. Today if a child is given all those “recommended” is up to 68!!!! Amazing…. I met Jeff Hays a few years back while he was making the movie “Bought”. Today’s clip is a short clip from that movie. When we begin to understand “Big Pharma” and follow the $$$$ Train you will begin to see a correlation is why every year we are now being TOLD your child MUST have this or that vaccination. Follow the Money People and you will begin to see the WHY???? No understand I am not and Anti – Medical guy. I have many friends that are PCP’s, Podiatrist, Neurologist, and the list goes on. I am the first to refer my patients if the need is there. But we all must look at the WHY”s behind this massive increase in vaccinations….. When you do you might just be alarmed at the WHY…. But I suppose most of you already know the answer..

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