The Daily "ECHO"

The Daily Echo: Watch your Step…… June 14, 2015

June 14, 2015

I recall years ago while hiking in a remote area. I was “pretty” sure I knew the way. In my course of traversing the dense forest I went the wrong way. Instead of North I was heading West. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was lost. If you have ever been in that situation you know the anxiety that begins to set in. Getting close to dark and knowing I was miles from my truck I had to act fast. Fortunately for me I was able to right the wrong in my decision making and found my way back to my truck. In today’s episode we highlight a video of the dangers of pornography. This devastating and debilitating poison has seeped it’s way into our society. Destroying anyone who decides to step into it. It has destroyed countless lives. For many it all started with an innocent curiosity. Neuroscience has now uncovered the addicting destructive ways pornography effects our minds and eventually all of our physiology. The best course of action is to never begin down this slippery slope leading to pain and ultimate sorrow. Are you watching your step? Are you watching the step of your children and loved ones. Take time to watch this short clip to see the contrast between the choices that lead to happiness vs sorrow and pain.

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