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The Daily Echo: What Cardio is Best to Burn Fat????? October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

If I got a dollar for how often that question is asked…..Well I would have a bunch of dollars. On today’s echo Michael Morelli does a great job talking about Fat Loss and why you may dealing with the insanity of going to the gym for 60 minutes 6x a week and not getting much in the way of results. Most people are skipping the WEIGHTS…..YES you need to do RESISTANCE training to get maximum fat loss….. Also you need to understand other types of exercise you must do. Years ago when Bill Phillips introduced “Body for Life” millions of people got introduced to HIIT…. Now we have LIIS and other forms of Fat loss methods. Take time to watch today’s clip and learn a bit more about fat metabolism…..

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