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The Daily Echo: What is the Book of Mormon about? July 23, 2023

July 23, 2023

The Book of Mormon contains sacred writings from followers of Jesus. Just like God spoke to Moses and Noah in the Bible, He also spoke to people in the ancient Americas. These men, called prophets, wrote down God’s word. Their writings were eventually gathered into one book by a prophet named Mormon. God’s people have always been taught by living prophets. Like us today, the women and men of those times struggled with temptation, searched for wisdom, and led happier lives when they followed the teachings of Jesus Christ. We can recognize ourselves in their stories—inspired and inspiring spiritual records. The Book of Mormon is evidence that God loves all His children and is involved in their lives. It serves as a witness to the truths in the Bible and to the divinity and teachings of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon can help us understand the essential questions that we all have at some point: -Is there life after death? -What’s waiting for us on the other side? -What is the purpose of life? -How can I find happiness and peace now? -Does God know me and hear my prayers? -How can I avoid sin and learn to truly repent? If you want, missionaries can meet with you and discuss the passages that answer these questions. They’ll also bring you a free copy of the Book of Mormon. Or you can download the Book of Mormon app for free here: Meet with Missionaries:… Request a Book of Mormon:…

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