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The Daily Echo: What is the Book of Mormon? October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018

Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I am asked often about the Book of Mormon. What is it? Why does your church believe in it? Does it replace the Bible? And the list goes on and on. What many people don’t realize is the Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible and together they both are testaments of Jesus Christ. In the short clip today you will learn a few things you might not have known about the Book of Mormon. Personally for me I know just as the Bible is the word of God the Book of Mormon is also the word of God. Studying and living both of these scriptures allows us to get closer to our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. It also guides us in our daily decisions. These decisions determine our daily happiness and help prevent us from making mistakes that hurt ourselves and others. How thankful I am for the scriptures in my life. The Book of Mormon challenges us to read it and then take it to Heavenly Father in prayer to find out if it’s true. It’s really a quite simple challenge. Read, Ponder it’s message, Take it to God….Go ahead and take that challenge and find out for yourself how it can change your life for good.

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