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The Daily Echo: What really STOPS us from accomplishing more???? August 3, 2016

August 3, 2016

Have you ever thought about the question in the title of today’s echo? Most of the time we find “excuses” we call reasons why we don’t or maybe I should say won’t……. Years ago I remember learning the power of the mind. You see when you and I think and I mean think deeply our minds don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality….. Our bodies will produce the same chemistry (hormones) as if you were actually engaged in the thought you were thinking. This causes an avalanche of others issues. For example when you and I get into a FEAR state or negative thought process…10 minutes in that space thinking it will take your body 10 hours to get back to normal….. What really stops you and I from achieving more???? We do…… If you want to fix where you are in life you must first begin to THINK different thoughts and stop being help captive to the jail your mind has trapped you in….

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