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The Daily Echo: What’s in your Purse/Wallet? April 24, 2016

April 24, 2016

Today’s short clip is a wonderful story about a lost purse. When those who found the purse wanted to return it to it’s finder they decided to see if the contents would identify the person. I often wonder if we had lost our wallet, Purse, what would they find to describe you/I? What about your computer or phone? If someone were to scour the files of data, the history of pages you have searched what would it reveal about you? Do we really think our Heavenly Father doesn’t know the things we do always…. Although we may believe our actions done in secret no one knows they reveal who we are. If you struggle with habits that are not uplifting you and making you better STOP now and begin like this young lady in today’s clip to surround yourself with positive and wholesome things.

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