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The Daily Echo: What’s on the front of your Jersey??? February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016

When the USA beat Russia in the 1980 olympics it may be labeled as the greatest TEAM victory ever accomplished. It can teach us all many things but one lesson is in today’s echo. As you recall these young players came from various power house hockey universities. They seemed to focus on their individual team they had come from instead of united as team USA. The great Herb Brooks taught these young men that the name on the front of the jersey meant far more than the name on the back. In life how often do we go through each day only focusing on the ourselves (back of the jersey). Do we involve others? Do we give credit to those around us? Do we realize to really make it we need others? Are we a team player interested in the success of others or only ourselves? When we begin to focus more upon the TEAM we will find out we can accomplish far more than we ever did alone. Contemplate this as you go through today. Notice others and things that are important to them. Verbalize to them how much you appreciate who they are and what they contribute. As we focus on the name on the front of our “proverbial jerseys” more than the back life will be full of much more joy and less stressful.

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