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The Daily Echo: Why Motivation Alone is Garbage??? June 20, 2017

June 20, 2017

Wow you may think. The guy who brings motivation almost daily would blaspheme and say MOTIVATION ALONE is GARBAGE???? Let me ask you a quick question? Do you remember the last time you went to a seminar that had you really pumped up to instill that idea/product into your business/life. You were screaming with Tony Robbins and the 10K people in attendance. You felt like you could do anything and this was the THING that would finally fix all your challenges in life…… What happened when you got back MONDAY morning and woke up? Hmmm I am sure most of us were still somewhat pumped up and excited to take this idea and change the world. By noon if a few things didn’t go the way you planned it sucked a bit of life out of you and your newfound motivation and passion. After a week of unexpected issues and challenges you were almost completely de-motivated and back to pre- Tony Robbins seminar. Why is that? Why is it hat we watch the Beach Body 30 minute infomercial and we are ready to change our bodies and habits for GOOD this time. We are pumped up and call that red number on the screen and whip out our credit card and order that thing that will change our lives???? It arrives a week later and we are still excited until we have to do a killer workout and eat the recommended food for a few days. On today’s episode take a listen and understand that while motivation is in my mind excellent for us. IT is not the END ALL BE ALL….. YOU must TAKE ACTION and continue to take ACTION. IF you wait to feel like it you will NEVER finish anything of value. We just aren’t wired that way.

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