The Daily Echo: Why Prayer Helps with Anger: June 9, 2024

June 9, 2024

Transform Your Life With Prayer | Try Faith: 30-Day Challenge | Stop, Drop, and Pray | #HearHim Welcome to Try Faith: 30-Day Challenge! In this episode, we follow Amy, a young mother of two active boys who is expecting her third child. Amy openly admits that she often struggles with a quick temper, frequently reacting with anger to life’s everyday challenges, irritations, and frustrating disagreements. In her quest to invite Jesus Christ into her life, Amy embarked on a 30-day challenge to monitor her responses and improve her relationship interactions with greater personal intention. She turned to prayer and sought a closer connection with God. After several weeks of dedicated effort, Amy experienced a profound transformation within herself. She describes her quick temper and anger being replaced with love and a joyful calm through her sustained relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ. The challenge became an opportunity for personal growth and a deeper understanding of faith. Amy draws a parallel between an experience President Russell M. Nelson experienced and the ability of Jesus Christ to calm the storms of life, just as He calmed the tempest in the Bible. She emphasizes the transformative power of faith and the peace that comes from surrendering to a higher power. Join us in this thought-provoking episode as Amy’s journey inspires us to embrace the Try Faith: 30-Day Challenge. Witness the impact of faith on Amy’s life and discover how inviting Jesus Christ into our hearts can bring about profound changes, enabling us to navigate the challenges of life with love, joy, and inner calm. ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the latest videos: 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Instagram:   / churchofjesuschrist   ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Facebook:   / churchofjesuschrist   ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Twitter:   / ch_jesuschrist   Visit us on our WEBSITE:

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