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The Daily Echo: Why the WORDS you use MATTER….. February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Take time today and listen to what you say to yourself and others. Are you guilty of consistent negative WORDS during the day? Do you constantly say words like; Problem, Hate, despair, pain, sadness, dislike, I’m no good, She’s no good, He’s no good, I’m not good at that…… The list goes on and on. As we go through the day are we in the attitude of “Victim” language or do we speak words of “Hope” to ourselves. It was once said that our world is not as the world is but how “we are” Start looking at yourself differently. Begin to use words of: Love, Opportunity, Inspired, Future events, pleasure, happy…… What we say really matters, not only the words we say to others but the words we say to ourselves. Change your language today.

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