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The Daily Echo: Why You Need A Life Coach??????…………. September 15, 2016

September 15, 2016

Have you heard of people who have life coaches???? What do you think?? Do I REALLY NEED A LIFE COACH, you may wonder? What is a life coach? These questions where on my mind for many years. I had scoured the motivational literature for years and read book after book. And yes it helped BUT……… It takes TIMEEEEEEEE….Long time. Have you ever had a hard time learning a new skill, sport, or even putting something together??? Ever used the instructions?? Yep they help but sometimes not very well. Have you noticed how much more helpful a youtube video of someone doing that very thing, or better yet a friend who has “been there” helping you do what needs to be done. The task became so much easier with the help of someone who had been there. When I met Dave Blanchard I had read many, many, many “instruction books”…. Yes they helped….But…What a difference it made when someone “who had been there” stepped in and was able to swiftly help me traverse life’s rough waters… My only regret was I had waited 30 years too long to make the decsion to have a life coach. When someone can Objectively look at the path you are on they will see solutions you can’t. Take time to not only watch today’s echo but reach out to Dave and Paul. I can promise you results you will be blown away by.

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