The Daily Echo: World’s First Ironman in Antarctica: January 24, 2024

January 24, 2024

Don’t forget to turn on cc/subtitles. The film is translated into 10 languages. Thanks to the 4,212 people in our community, representing 72 countries, who backed this film and allowed us to fund post-production and bring it to life. Thanks to 6,500+ people attending all-sold-out premieres in 12 cities on 4 different continents. And thanks to the thousands of you, who purchased the film online knowing that it will come out on YouTube for free, but still wanted to support the project. You’ve all enabled this historic release and allowed us to post it for free for everyone, everywhere around the world to enjoy without restrictions. The film has won: – Best Doc & Special Jury Award at Riviera International Film Festival 2023 – Best Doc at Rome Independent Film Awards 2023 – Best Picture & Best Doc at Los Angeles Film Awards 2023 About the film: Project Iceman is the odyssey of an ordinary human setting out to achieve the extraordinary. Anders Hofman attempts to become the first-ever human to complete a long-distance triathlon in Antarctica (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2 km run), “the Iceman”, to show that limitations are perceptions. In this death-defying journey, we witness how Anders conquers his fears, doubts, and adversities as he risks everything in one of the most extreme athletic feats ever attempted. It’s a triumph of human potential and spirit, showing that we all can achieve anything we set our minds to. A FILM BY YES THEORY DIRECTED BY AMMAR KANDIL (Ammar) VISION BY ANDERS HOFMAN (Follow his next dream on   / andershofman   — find out what he’s doing now) PRODUCED BY YES THEORY & ANDERS HOFMAN IN ASSOCIATION WITH BURNING BOAT EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: AMMAR KANDIL & ANDERS HOFMAN LEAD EDITOR: VICTOR PALM DOP: JAN BUE LAUMARK DIRECTOR IN ANTARCTICA: CORY S. MARTIN For more about the film: For Seek Discomfort: A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE 111 ICE SQUAD MEMBERS, who collectively funded over half of post production: Alan Booker, Alessandro Solberg-Carrara, Alex & Aubrey Wasner, Alex Chapman, Alicia R. Ramos, Andrew Healey, Andrew Wolverton, Austin Allen, Beichen Zhang, Benoit Kim, Cainã Gomes, Chase Miller, Chloe Johnson, Christoph Geiger, Claudia De Bruycker, Cormac Rowe, Cricket Averett, D Lemelin, Dalton C. Collins, Dalton Jack, Damgaard Company, Daniel Mejia, Daniel Waldschütz, Danielle Lukins, David Sylvia, Donovan Unsell, Eddy Medina, Elsie Koo, Endstate, Erna Korkotyan, Frederik A. Lynge, Gina Torres, Gurleen Singh, Hector Guerra Jr, Iris Kattar, Jelle Claus, Jesper Brummerstedt, Jibril Syed, Joel Tranby, John Pham, Jonathan Spaarschuh, José A. Azevedo, Joshua Montpetit, Kieran Osborne, Kiley Carlin, Kilian Hobi, Koen Peters, Kristof Valgaeren, Lars Schilling, Lea K. Schröder, Levi Green, Levi Lina, Lisa Katharina & David Braun, Mantas Ruzgas, Mathew Pound, Maximilien Sock, Melissa Dabback, Michael Saier, Michael Shriver, Mohsi Khan, Morgan Karas, Morten Rongaard, Natasha Klutke, Nathan Meeks, Nuri Hodges, Olga Raptis, Omar Awadalla, Petter Rasmussen, Priyamvada Kundu, Rauph Souleimanov, Rebecca Villarreal, Richard S. Liu, Romain Couperier, Ruaidhri Nolan, Sai N. Muthyala, Sajjad Jairaj, Sam Ethiopia, Samantha Schueler, Shervin Shares, SUPERMOMMALOHA, Tobias Weidemann, Trevor Silence, TRIO Stories, Tristan Townsend, Tyler Bernatovicz, Yassine Laaroussi, Member 15, 23, 31, 32, 37, 39, 43, 48, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 71, 77, 79, 80, 83, 88, 91, 97, 107 EXPEDITION TEAM Project Manager: Anthon H. Laursen Expedition Leader: Phil Wickens Polar Guide: Oliver Grant Skipper: Cath Hew Co-skipper: Greg Scamporlino FEATURING Iron Cowboy: James Lawrence Sister: Amalie B. Laursen Mother: Grethe B. Laursen Father: Michael H. Laursen Yes Theory: Matt Dajer BURNING BOAT PRODUCTION Post-Prod Supervisor: Mads Beier Post-Prod: Taylor Jenisch Lead Editor: Victor Palm Ass. Editors: Paulius Neverbickas, Julieta Balasch & Grayg Noireault Graphics Supervisor: Robin Watson CINEMATOGRAPHY Andreas Hem, Bryce Perry, Cory S. Martin, Herman Berger, Jacob Buchhave, Jan B. Laumark, Jesper Christensen, Kasper Bøttern, Lex Overtoom, Nicklas K. Nagel, Oliver D. Frederiksen, Sam Newton, Simon Jacobsen SOUND Original Score: Hannes Schönberg Sound Design: Hannes Schönberg, Rune Thuelund & Gustav Wittendorf Recordists: Jakob Brink, Mathias Brogård & Oliver Mehl COLOR Colorist: Jonas Møller ANIMATIONS Story Animation: ‘Squid’ & Santiago Lozano Animators: Campbell Peddle, Jack Sullivan, Jonathan Cuvelier YES THEORY Bryce Perry, Campbell Peddle, Derin Emre, Diezavel Mandl, Dora Bobanovìc, Jack Sullivan, Maryam Khan, Matt Dajer, Mélida Berton, Nathan Lam, Pedro Nordskog, Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer & Tristan Kevitch This movie is for every kid and determined soul out there to dream the biggest and the wildest you can. The world needs it and for you to be who you are.

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