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The Daily Echo: Wrestling with Comparisons…J.B. Haws: July 24, 2023

July 24, 2023

Life is not a race and treating it this way will stunt our spiritual growth. The only comparisons that we need to make are those with our past self. Sections: Introduction – 0:11 As Natural as Breathing – 3:30 The Process of Becoming Aware – 8:35 Too Many Variables – 11:20 Childlike Humility – 14:40 Less About Ourselves – 17:03 Give No Heed – 23:03 What Really Matters – 25:23… Subscribe to BYU Speeches for the latest videos:    / @byuspeeches   Read and listen to more BYU Speeches here: Follow BYU Speeches: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest:

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