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The Daily Echo: You can Plan your life or someone else will… November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015

Sunday’s are very special to me. Every Sunday morning very early while it is very quiet I find myself alone in my office at home. I love this time to reflect on the past week and plan the events of the upcoming week. I have found if I don’t take time to plan the important events other “less important” things will find their way into my schedule. Remember this, If you don’t decide what you will do with your time someone else will. After you have taken time weekly to plan it is equally important to check in each morning and review that day. At the end of the day review how things went and if important tasks were not completed move them ahead for tomorrow or later that week. Sure things never run as planned and you are going to get off schedule from time to time. Don’t stress over it just plug it in for another day.

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