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The Daily Echo: Your Beliefs Drive Your Actions with Chad Hymas. January 23, 2019

January 23, 2019

How obvious is that statement? If we firmly believe is something we will act accordingly. If you are not having the results in your life….. Examine your lack of actions which are driven by your BELIEF system.

So simply put when you are not where you are in life you MUST examine if you really believe what you think you believe. That doesn’t mean you throw away what you think you believe… It means you must examine why the actions are not in line with what you thought you believe. Once you clarify why that belief is a belief and why it is important at a monumental level your actions will equal it.

And????? If you find for 10 years your belief of something is not really your belief… Examine it and find out if it has the meaning you thought it did or not… If not move on to those beliefs that are high priority in your life and your family life.

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