The Daily Echo: 30 minutes of this feels like 8 Hours of Sleep with Andrew Huberman: July 1, 2024

July 1, 2024

Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) refers to techniques such as yoga nidra or certain forms of meditation that allow the mind and body to deeply relax without actually sleeping. These methods can help improve focus, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being by promoting restorative relaxation. In this video, Andrew & Rhonda cover: • How NSDR restores mental & physical vigor • The study that found 1 hour of yoga nidra boosts striatal dopamine 60% over baseline • Why people who struggle falling asleep would benefit from 10-20 minutes of NSDR done at any time of day or night • How NSDR differs from meditation • If NSDR can effectively “replace lost sleep” • Why Andrew prefers doing NSDR in the morning • What happened when Rhonda did NSDR after a night of poor sleep • The possible creativity & trauma therapy benefits of NSDR Andrew’s NSDR script:    • 20 Minute Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) …   Download my FREE 12-page Omega-3 Supplementation Guide: Watch the full episode:    • Andrew Huberman, PhD: How to Improve …  

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