The Daily Echo: Dr. Matt Walker and Andrew Huberman…. How to Structure Your Sleep, Use Naps and Time Caffeine: April 27, 2024

April 27, 2024

This is episode 3 of a 6-part special series on sleep with Dr. Matthew Walker, Ph.D., a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and leading public educator about the role of sleep in health, disease and performance. We explain how our sleep architecture changes as we age. We also cover how childhood development and aging affect sleep biology and needs. We also discuss whether polyphasic sleep (multiple short sleep periods) is beneficial. Then, we discuss naps, including their positive benefits, individual variability, those who should not nap, and alternative rest states like non-sleep deep rest. Dr. Walker shares protocols to optimize nap duration, timing and effectiveness. We also explore the effects of caffeine on sleep and other health aspects, as well as the optimal timing for caffeine intake. This episode describes many actionable science-based tools for optimizing sleep, naps and caffeine use for better health and performance. The next episode in this special series explores the relationship between sleep, memory, and creativity. Thank you to our sponsors AG1: BetterHelp: LMNT: Waking Up: Eight Sleep: Momentous: Dr. Matthew Walker Website: Podcast: “Why We Sleep”: Academic profile: X:   / sleepdiplomat   Instagram:   / drmattwalker   LinkedIn:   / sleepdiplomat   MasterClass: Articles In short photoperiods, human sleep is biphasic: Sleep-Dependent Facilitation of Episodic Memory Details: A Role for REM Sleep in Recalibrating the Sensitivity of the Human Brain to Specific Emotions: Sleep, alcohol, and caffeine in financial traders: The alerting effects of caffeine, bright light and face washing after a short daytime nap: Adverse impact of polyphasic sleep patterns in humans: Report of the National Sleep Foundation sleep timing and variability consensus panel: Sleep deficiency and motor vehicle crash risk in the general population: a prospective cohort study: Other Resources Crew Factors in Flight Operations IX: Effects of Planned Cockpit Rest on Crew Performance and Alertness in Long-Haul Operations (NASA Technical Memorandum): The Matt Walker Podcast: Insomnia Series: Polyphasic Sleep Community: Dymaxion Sleep (TIME Magazine): Acute Sleep Deprivation and Risk of Motor Vehicle Crash Involvement (AAA): Huberman Lab Episodes Mentioned Jocko Willink: How to Become Resilient, Forge Your Identity & Lead Others‍:    • Jocko Willink: How to Become Resilien…   Guest Series | Dr. Matthew Walker: The Biology of Sleep & Your Unique Sleep Needs (Episode 1):    • Dr. Matt: The Biology of Sleep & Your…   Guest Series | Dr. Matthew Walker: Protocols to Improve Your Sleep (Episode 2):    • Dr. Matt Walker: Protocols to Improve…   People Mentioned Howard Roffwarg: sleep researcher pioneer: Michael Pollan: author and journalist: David Dinges: professor of psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania: Mark Rosekind: NASA expert: Timestamps 00:00:00 Sleep Structure 00:01:29 Sponsors: BetterHelp, LMNT & Waking Up 00:05:42 Sleep Phases & Lifespan 00:11:58 Sleep Stages & Lifespan, Sleep Paralysis & Animals 00:20:19 Adults & Biphasic Sleep, Modern Society 00:25:14 Chronotype, Circadian Rhythms & Biological Flexibility 00:29:07 Genetics & Chronotype 00:31:42 Sponsor: AG1 00:32:55 Biphasic Sleep, Adults; Body Position & Sleepiness 00:40:09 Naps, Positive Benefits, Nighttime Insomnia 00:49:38 Tool: Optimal Nap: Duration & Timing; Grogginess 00:58:15 Nap Capacity, “Liminal” States & NSDR 01:07:37 NASA Nap Culture, Power Naps 01:11:49 Sponsor: Eight Sleep 01:12:50 Tools: Nap Timing, “Fragile” Nighttime Sleep; On-Off-On Protocol 01:18:57 Avoiding Naps: Insomnia, Aging & Sleep Quality Decline 01:28:20 Caffeine, “Nappuccino”; Hot Drinks 01:38:28 Adenosine Clearance, Sleep 01:43:10 Tool: Delaying Caffeine, Afternoon Crash, Sleep Quality 01:49:06 Caffeine, Health, Antioxidants; Caffeine Tolerance & Alcohol 01:56:54 Tool: Nap “Enhancements”, Caffeine, Light & Face Washing 02:04:33 Polyphasic Sleep, Adverse Effects 02:12:43 Sleep Deprivation & Car Crashes; Polyphasic Sleep 02:16:49 Zero-Cost Support, Spotify & Apple Reviews, Sponsors, YouTube Feedback, Momentous, Social Media, Neural Network Newsletter #HubermanLab#Science#Sleep Disclaimer:

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