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The Daily Echo: Plunge with Kelly Starrett: January 14, 2023

January 15, 2023

“Welcome to Freezedom” Check out this fantastic quote from the “master of mobility,” our brother Dr. Kelly Starrett: “The magic of having the Plunge in your own home is that you reduce all the barriers to resistance. So, what keeps people from doing what they say they’re going to do or what they know they need to do? it turns out the more steps in the process, the less likely they are to use it. I call it Freezedom, I’m no longer chained to an ice machine. I don’t have to wake up and go get the ice. It’s so simple, and the water is crystal clear, and I can jump in & out.” #coldismymedicine #thecoldplunge #coldplunge #coldplunging #coldmedicine #thereadystate #kellystarrett #icebath #icebarrel @thereadystate @suppleleopard

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