The Daily Echo: Zion – Original Mashup by Blake Gillette: January 28, 2024

January 28, 2024

“Hope of Israel, Zion’s Army…Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise!” Check out my newest album “ZION,” a new collection of hymn mashups and original songs, at Cedar Fort Publishing & Media.… A special thanks to SO MANY who contributed to this video! SONG CREDITS Arrangement: Blake Gillette Orchestration/Engineering: Masa Fukuda Soloists (in order of appearance): Jay Phung, Leah Campbell, Karlie Mease, Bachlor Johnson Youth Soloists: Alex Stringham, Madison Siafanua, Grant Lemmon, Hallie Taylor, Russel Afllack, Kainoa Sorensen, Kennadee Gillette, Nancy Fifita VIDEO CREDITS Director/Screenwriter/Editor: Alaina Larsen Cinematographer/Assistant Director: Dylan Kato Drummer: Clint Pulver Elder: Dorsey Williams Elder Companion: Colin Peacock Sister Missionary: Jessica Ashby Sister Missionary Companion: Mia Hansen Sister Investigator, Street Contact: Alaina Larsen Elder Investigator Couple: Leroy & Sherilynn Farrell Sister Investigator, Front Door: Doneen Larsen Mother of Elder: Jen Hunsaker Mother of Sister Missionary: Natalie Perry Sister Missionary Family & College Students: The Perry Family … and a special thanks to all the full-time service missionaries from the Utah County Service Missions and other return missionaries and friends who came and sang with us! Dedicated to all who built Zion, who continue to build Zion, and who will yet build Zion.

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