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The Daily Echo: 1% Better Every Day with James Clear: January 25, 2020

January 25, 2020

// This is James Clear’s main stage talk from Craft + Commerce 2017. If you like what you see, learn more and grab tickets to the next Craft + Commerce right here – use promo code YOUTUBE at checkout for $100 off.

// What are your most important goals in life?

What habits fuel those goals?

What if you were able to get 1% better at each of those cornerstone habits everyday? How would that change your life?

James Clear’s answers each one of these questions in detail in his talk from Craft + Commerce.

// Craft + Commerce is the annual conference dedicated to helping creators earn a living online. Hosted by ConvertKit in Boise, ID.

Craft + Commerce is a combination of:

1. Inspiring (and educational) main stage talks from full-time online business owners
2. Nitty-gritty workshops teaching in-the-weeds levels of detail on how to build a business around your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel
3. Parties, meetups, and small group gatherings to help you build meaningful relationships with other creators and entrepreneurs just like you.

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