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The Daily Echo: 4 Years with Trump as President.. January 13, 2018

January 13, 2018

I’m a big fan of Darren Hardy. His drive, devotion, desire, and action is an example to all of us. I remember watching this clip after the elections were completed in November 2016. It’s been over a year since that event and STILL yes STILL the social media, news feeds and much of the language around the water cooler is about that event. Like Darren what I have found is no matter WHO the president is or ever has been the impact on my life was just about the same…..UNLESS???? Yes unless I DID something. For some reason we tend to discount OUR OWN efforts in life and think others in leadership will determine our success, happiness, and the list goes on. Take a listen to Darren and I’m pretty sure whatever side of the political sideline you sit on….. You will agree with his comments.

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